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The Haunting and beautifully crafted tale of a girl's feral childhood in 1960s Lancashire, and her friend Jack's search for the missing, homeless adult she becomes. Piecing together diaries, medical notes and media reports, Jack's quest ultimately leads him to re-examine his own history and abandoned identity. Powerful and thought provoking, this debut novel uses unique language and devices to challenge perceptions of homelessness, identity and exclusion in modern society. (Impress Books.)

Questions for readers / reading groups are available from the publishers, Impress Books, http://www.impress-books.co.uk/images/liliesread.pdf

Consider the Lilies won the Impress Novel Prize 2007 and is published by Impress Books

Available from all good bookshops price £7.99, ISBN:978 0 9556239 1 2

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Carol and Dr Richard Willis of Impress Books at the Impress Novel Award 2007 ceremony