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August 2017, thanks to a new print run  hard copies are now available again. Currently selling on ebay and Amazon (see links on header page) and if you are local contact me direct on writeme@carolfenlon.com for free delivery.

March 2017
The second volume of my history of Skelmersdale is now under way. Taking up from the summer of 1964 where the first volume ended, the next volume will run to at least 1981. I'm hoping to have that complete by the end of this year but I think I may be a little over-optimistic about that.
     The first volume is now sold out and out of print. As I've had quite a few requests for further copies, I'm considering another print run or possibly an e-version so keep an eye out for further information if you didn't get one of the original copies.
     I'm also going to try and put some regular updates on the website and on the facebook page so do have a look every so often to see where I'm up to.

Part One - From Fantasy to First Brick.

Author:  Carol Fenlon


ISBN 9780956105943
Beacon Press £5.50

This first part of my local history of Skelmersdale New Town deals with the origins of the old town and the development of the new town concept from the utopian visions of the 15th century to the philanthropic villages of nineteenth century England, the garden cities of Ebenezer Howard to the postwar dedication to slum clearance and inner city redevelopment which spawned planning decisions to create garden suburbs and new towns which would provide healthy living for all. The book deals with general planning policies in order to focus on the specific history of Skelmersdale and the reasons why it was chosen as the site for the first of the Mark 2 new towns. This volume ends with the first realisation of those plans in the laying of the first brick of the new town building in 1964. 93 pages  with many black and white photographs.

Available on ebay and Amazon
or by emailing me writeme@carolfenlon.com