Consider The Lilies
Skelmersdale: A New Town in the Making
Local history
Skelmersdale Writers

I have lived in Skelmersdale for over thirty years and have a keen interest in the history of the town and its development. I am slowly compiling a history of the new town and  am currently researching the period immediately after the designation in 1962 up to the collapse of industry when the big 5 employers left the town. Do you have a story to tell, documents or photos from around this period? If so, I should love to hear from you. writeme@carolfenlon.com


I am available to give talks/presentations on the history of the new town. See details on workshop page


Ormskirk Road

This and other images of the old abandoned farmhouse on Crow Lane, inspired the setting for my novel, Consider The Lilies

Hope Island, a positive image for the future of Skem. Skelmersdale Writers  Group chose this image for the cover of their anthology Tales of a New Town. Copies are now all sold out so if you have one, treasure it, it's a collector's item.. Read more about it here